• I couldn't resist to write one of these, I'm really wondering if there even are girls/women with lots of things in common, as I don't feel like I'm 'normal'. Guys can take this test if they want for fun, but don't expect anything if you score high, that would just mean you're some twin I never heard about and we would get a long nicely ;) It's quite a big test, you'll probably need more than 10 minutes. Yeh I know I had too much free time when I wrote this :)
    Some categories have a lesser impact on the final result than others, depends on how it would influence me. This test tracks 3 variables : Taste, Vision and Detail. Taste is obvious, checking if we got the same taste of all kinds of stuff. Vision is deeper than taste, maybe it's not the correct word but is measures your vision on things I find important/crucial in life. Detail is maybe less important, it's irrelevant if Vision and Taste score bad, but if those two are ok, this could be the cherry on the pie ;)
    Don't try to guess the best possible answer by the way, without honesty you better not take tests like this ;)

    Let's get started !

  • "The surest way to keep a secret is to make people believe they already know the answer."
    Ancient Fremen Wisdom

    From 'Dune: House Atreides'