• God bless the Free World, where a woman is free to stand naked in front of the Capitol just to make a point. The Sexual Revolution removed many societal-imposed mores against sex and sexual expression, yet many women today remain inhibited by religion, morals, or lack of self-confidence. Now you can find your own scientifically derived inhibition level to an accuracy rating of 98.9%.

    This test is the result of months of compilation by a skilled team with advanced degrees in behavioral sciences, psychology, and women’s studies. While to the layperson not versed in such higher fields of learning, some aspects of this test may seem chauvinistic, even misogynistic, rest assured that each question has been carefully crafted to uncover deep-seated psychological indications of the respondent’s overall level of inhibitiveness.

    This test has been designed specifically for members of the female gender, gay or straight. Sorry, guys. A male version of the test has been considered by the team, but then, what would the point be?

    Women, click NEXT to bravely move on toward seeking the truth about yourself…