• Hi! And welcome to my Long-Ass Compatibility to Me Test. I created a similar test that I felt was getting too long. However, I also felt it didn't measure nearly enough to find a true fit for me. This text is exceptionally long, but I'll try to provide pretty pictures for you to enjoy along the way. :) Also, it's going to measure 4 possible traits. One is relationship compatibility, to see if we would be compatible in a realtionship. A second is friendship, in which I'll be seeing if we'll have anything to talk about. The third is attractiveness, to see if I would be physically attractive to you. And lastly, thebedroom measures just that, how compatible we would be in the bedroom. If you're a guy, this could be a long waste of your time, given I'm straight, and this test is long. Go ahead if you're extremelly bored *shrugs*.

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