• The lust & restraint test will measure how much sex you crave against your actual actions. Do you have a high sex drive yet can control your urges? Are you the kind of person that just can't help themselves and end up going against what their mind is telling them. Hopefully you'll have a better idea after taking this test as to figuring out where you stand. I've separated this test into three sections with 10 questions each. The first section is opinion based. This includes your views on certain topics and ideas and well as your perception of yourself. The second section is decision based. This will ask you to answer how you would respond to certain situations and scenarios. The third and final section is fact based. Some questions will be very blunt and to the point and will factor more heavily into your results. The higher your percentage score for lust the more lustful you are. The higher the percentage score for restraint the less restraint you have for acting on that lust

  • Opinions

  • 1
    Your primary reason for joining dating sites like Okcupid is to..?

  • 2
    Sex is a(n)..?

  • 3
    Which is more likely to turn you on?

  • 4
    Do you associate alcohol with sex at all?

  • 5
    Pornography is..?

  • 6
    Polyamory means to you?

  • 7
    Sex or Love?

  • 8
    How would you rate your libido?

  • 9
    Bringing another person into the bedroom with your significant other sounds like?

  • 10
    If you're making out with some one you just recently met how often does sex follow with them?

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