• There's a bunch of compatibility tests out there, and you can take 'em all; they're fun and may arouse your curiosity to look into a person's profile. This one is similar, but just remember: everyone wants something different. If you don't do so hot, so be it. The test is subjective and personal.

    This is the revised version! It has more than 20 outcomes, so I added a few more questions. It's not terribly long. If it takes more than 15 minutes of your life, you're thinking too hard.

    My variables are Sex, Love, Friendship and Persona, amd the outcomes are based on what I would expect with any mix of sex, love and friendship, for instance: a friendship score of 52%, love score of 20% and sex score of 91% would yield "One Night Stand."

    On that note, let the games begin.