• Hello there, ladies and gentlem... wait, no. No gentlemen beyond this point. This is a ladies only test, so if you're a dude, as much as I appreciate your taking an interest in me, you should hit that "Back" button in your browser right about now.

    Alright then, hello ladies! Welcome to the Magical Mystery Compatibility Test. You know the drill: you answer the questions, then you'll get a number telling you how likely we are to get along in a dating-type situation.

    Needless to say, this is mainly for fun and shouldn't be taken all that seriously. After all, relationships are more about chemistry, love, and trust, and those are pretty damn hard to measure via an online test. But hey, aside from that, I think this test will be rather neat, fun, and hopefully accurate. It's a bit long, but could I really tell you how compatible we are from just 10 questions or so? I don't think so.

    Oh yeah, and PLEASE be honest. There's no point in getting a certain score if you deliberately tried to answer how you thought I wanted you to answer.

    So, shall we?