• This test will separate the men from the girly-men by judging how much you THINK like a man.

    This test is 20 questions, most of them simply play on the "Stereotype guy" so I guess this should be called the stereotype inattenive beer-guzzling burping farting guy test.

    Three mice are sitting in a bar, drinking and bragging about how manly they are. The first mouse says, I'm so manly, when I see a mouse trap, I don't run. I set it off with my foot and do bench presses with the bar. The second one says, I'm such a badass, I found some rat poison the other day. I took it home and now I mix it with my coffee in the morning to get a buzz. Then they both look at the third one, expectantly. The third mouse just stretches and yawns and says, I don't got time for this shit. I gotta get home and fuck the cat.