• This test is not specifically for men, anyone can take it. It will ask you a couple of questions which will classify you into one of four differen't categories pertaining to manliness. Take this test if you dare discover the truth about how "manly" you really are.
  • This test will help determine some small factors required to calculate your manliness. More questions will be added to this as time progresses and our panel of research scientists determines the correct ones to be used in this clinical field study.
  • 1
    How does the following relate to your current situation: "I am a man who likes to kiss/hug/have sexual activity with/or is merely attracted to other men."

  • 2
    If a friend of mine walked into a public bathroom and started using the urinal next to me, I would engage in conversation about:

  • 3
    If I had to pick from four people to have lunch with, it would be:

  • 4
    If you were forced at gun point to make out with one of the following, who would you choose?

  • 5
    After sex I like to: