• Hi! And welcome to my Manga IQ Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your Manga IQ. This quiz is currently 20 questions long, and tacks two variables. It is geared heavily toward shoujo, for now. I plan to expand and include more questions for more genres of manga later on.

    I want to make this test live and see how it goes before I invest more time and energy into it. If it does well, I will add pretty results, and probably expand the test with additional, much harder questions. Please feel free to give me feedback!

    PLEASE NOTE: This is a test on Japanese language manga (comics by Japanese authors which were first printed in the Japanese language). This is not a test about the English adaptations, it is also not a test about comics from America in English that have been drawn in a bishoujo / bishounen type of style that people are fraudulently referring too as "manga" these days.

    This is my first test, so bear with me as I will be improving this test from time to time. Let me know what you think! Right now it is tracking two variables, I may expand the test later to include more junk!

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