• George W. Crane (Ph.D., M.D.) created this Marital Rating Chart for Wives back in the 1930s. I've rephrased the questions, but the original system of merits and demerits is as Dr. Crane intended. By the end of this test, you'll know what some people thought was important about being a good wife back then, and you'll also find out whether you'd have made the grade!

    Dr. Crane explained the system as follows: "This test represents the composite opinions of 600 husbands who were asked to list the chief merits and demerits of their wives. They talked frankly. I have summarized the most frequently voiced flaws and virtues and have weighted those items which, in my judgment as a psychologist and physician, are especially important in marriage. I commend this test to the attention of all intelligent women who aspire to make their marriages both permanent and happy. Young women contemplating matrimony might very profitably use this test as a practical guide."

    This test has 100 questions (50 for your virtues and 50 for your flaws); most are yes/no questions. We'll start with determining your wifely virtues, if you happen to have any.