• After some careful consideration, I decided that the first iteration of this test was poorly thought-out and executed. As such, here is the mark two version!

    Some background. I'm looking for Mrs. Right. I'm not looking for a random sex kitten, nor am I looking for someone simply to fill a hole in my life. I'm actually looking for someone I could conceivably spend my future with. I know, I know, it's shocking.

    To that end, this test will track four variables. In order to "qualify," you'll need to score highly in all of them. So, with that said, best of luck! If you score well, please do send me a message. And don't forget to rate it, once you're done!

    IMPORTANT: Please be absolutely honest. Don't try to score high -- just try to score honestly. Also, skipping any question will result in getting no points for that question, so be sure to answer them all. If the answers listed don't appeal to you, pick the one that is closest to accurate. Thanks.

    Last Update: 01/11 - Refined the Categories to each have a unique title.