• Hi! And welcome to my Martial Arts Test. I'll be using advanced logic and knowledge to determine your skills in martial arts.
  • 1
    Which martial art is about "walking around a circle"?
  • 2
    Which one is not an asian martial art?
  • 3
    This is an advanced question. Erle Montaigue system of fighting, is about the following martial art:
  • 4
    Tai Chi Chuan is a(n)
  • 5
    In an internal martial art system of fighting, the martil artist is looking to hit the:
  • 6
    Martial artists use qigong (chi kung) practice in order to:
  • 7
    Nei Kung practice can be so effective that:
  • 8
    Here is the exercise: With "Lao Gong Breathing" and with the "Offering the bowl" exercise, you can possibly:
  • 9
    Ancient Kung Fu experts/masters, used their martial arts skill in order to:
  • 10
    Bruce Lee, had said
  • 11
    Bruce Lee's martial art is:
  • 12
    When somebody grasps your wrist during a fight, you'd better:
  • 13
    If somebody punches you or your nose:
  • 14
    Enter a question here.
  • 15
    Enter a question here.
  • 16
    Enter a question here.
  • 17
    Enter a question here.
  • 18
    Enter a question here.
  • 19
    Enter a question here.
  • 20
    If I wanted to have a strong spleen I would use: