• Hi! And welcome to my Matchmaking Test. I will use the results of this test to determine our compatibility in the following areas: intimacy, communication, and loyalty.
  • 1
    Would you consider yourself a romantic person?

  • 2
    Are you a passive-aggressive person?

  • 3
    Are you verbally abusive when you're angry?

  • 4
    Do you think before speaking?

  • 5
    How long are you willing to wait for sex?

  • 6
    Do you consider grinding with another woman on the dance floor cheating?

  • 7
    If you caught me checking out another guy while we were together, would you be bothered?

  • 8
    Would you sleep in the same bed as a girl who you claim is JUST a friend while you were dating me?

  • 9
    How affectionate are you in public?

  • 10
    How do you handle a disagreement?