• How well can you read the opposite sex? There are two versions, this one is for heterosexual males and the other one is for heterosexual females. Each test is designed to provide a rough guide to your relatioship effectiveness-not a definitice statement about an individual's character. To take this test simply answer True or False for each of the 24 items. [Geher, Glenn and Scott Kaufman. "The Mating Intelligence Scale." Psychology Today. 40.1 (2007): 78-79.]
  • 1
    I think most women just like me as a friend.

  • 2
    I have slept with many beautiful women.

  • 3
    I'm pretty good at knowing if a woman is attracted to me.

  • 4
    I'm definately not the best at taking care of kids.

  • 5
    I'm good at sayin the right things to women I flirt with.

  • 6
    I haven't had many sexual partners compared with other guys I know (who are my age).

  • 7
    I have a difficult time expressing complex ideas to others.

  • 8
    I am good at picking up signals of interest from women.

  • 9
    I am definitely near the top of the totem pole in my social circles.

  • 10
    I doubt that I'll ever be a huge financial success.

  • 11
    If I wanted to, I could convince a woman that I'm really a prince from some little-known European country.

  • 12
    Honestly, I don't get women at all.

  • 13
    Women tend to flirt with me pretty regularly.

  • 14
    If a woman doesn't seem interested in me, I figure she doesn't know what she's missing.

  • 15
    Women definitely find me attractive.

  • 16
    I've dated many intelligent women.

  • 17
    People tell me that I have a great sense of humor.

  • 18
    When I lie to women, I always get caught!

  • 19
    I am usually wrong about who is interested in me romantically.

  • 20
    It's hard for me to get women to see my virtues.

  • 21
    At parties, I tend to tell stories that catch the attention of women.

  • 22
    I'm not very talented in the arts.

  • 23
    I can attract women, but they rarely end up interested in me sexually.

  • 24
    When a woman smiles at me, I assume she's just being friendly.