• Hello There! This test will examine how knowledgable you are about strange, obscure, wierd animals. You will encounter some statements that are not real and some that are; you just need to determine which is which by marking "true" or "false." Please don't look up the answers along the way, I give detailed explanations at the end! I hope you enjoy it!
  • 1
    In a male-female pair of seahorses, the males produce the eggs AND bear the offspring.

  • 2
    Albino dolphins are bright pink.

  • 3
    A newly-discovered species of spider has been found to use electrical currents to briefly stun its prey. This process allows the spider to kill its prey with greater ease.

  • 4
    The animal pictured above can interbreed and produce fertile offspring with domestic housecats.

  • 5
    There is a type of crab that resembles an abominable snowman to such a degree it was named after one.