• Cruisers sound like sloppy pudding plopping into a bowl when idling. This quiz is for the real speed-demons, the sportbikes. If you get even 4 of these right, please do message me. If anything else, we can talk two-wheels. FFR: When I first took this quiz online, I scored 9/10...without googling.
  • 1
    Yamaha is well known for its fast R6 and flying R1. What other 'YZF-R' have too few had the pleasure to drive with?

  • 2
    Suzuki's range of sports bikes is one of the best in class. The whole range is known as GSX-R followed by the number corresponding with the number of cc's. What name is used by bikers when talking about these fantastic bikes?

  • 3
    In Moto GP, Aprilia has dominated the smaller 125cc and 250cc classes for years. On the road, most bikers favour the heavier 1000R. Which model is the more exclusive version of the 1000R?

  • 4
    KTM, known for its kickass dirt bikes, launched a sports bike. This is a major affair for the Austrians, more known for their cross, enduro and trail bikes. What is the name of this Austrian blitz?

  • 5
    Italy is the Mecca of sports bikes. The bikes from the land of the rising sun are definitely as good, but that design... Which of these brands is NOT an Italian manufacturer of sports bikes?

  • 6
    Honda has had its CBR range for decades now. The brilliantly manoeuvrable CBR600RR and of course the great CBR1000RR. The CBR600RR is just the CBR600RR. But by what name do we know the 1000RR better?

  • 7
    There an interesting sports bike from England manufactured by Triumph. It has three cylinders and is called the Daytona. How many cc's does this unique bike have?

  • 8
    The raw Kawasaki range is best known as the Ninja. What alphabetical description is used by Kawasaki to pinpoint their green meanies?

  • 9
    Casey Stoner gave Ducati it's first Moto GP victory in 2007. This Bologna based brand has made top-of-the-wishlist bikes for decades. Recently they launched a bike which one will probably never see on the road and most certainly won't drive it as it will rock your wallet. What is the name of the most exclusive and expensive bike from the Italians?

  • 10
    We've had all sports bikes and brands that are worth mentioning (a bit tricky to claim probably). So let's finish off with spare parts. Which of the brands is NOT a manufacturer of exhausts for your precious ones?