• Hi! And welcome to my Megaman NES Test. I will ask you questions about the Megaman NES saga! Some questions will be easy, others will be hard! Good luck and I hope you will like it!
  • 1
    OK, let's go! Megaman 1: Elecman, Fireman, Iceman, Gutsman, Bombman and.. ??

  • 2
    There is this annoying level where you have to move fast to avoid getting hit by huge laserbeams! You know it?

  • 3
    What happens when you activate your -E- item in the menu? The blue thing..

  • 4
    Odd one out?

  • 5
    Who is the REAL bad guy in the Megaman series?

  • 6
    I've been thinking of making a Megaman game myself! not really but let's say I have.. I want to use these names for my Robotmasters.. which one can't I use because it already exists?

  • 7
    OK, so you're playing Megaman 4 and you're standing face to face with Skullman! Which weapon do you use to beat him?

  • 8
    Megaman is made out of metal so he can take quite a lot, which of the following answers is the thing that kills Megaman instantly?

  • 9
    Good job! You've beaten Crashman! what do you get?

  • 10
    What are the colors of Napalm Man?

  • 11
    Which of the following levels is in a cave or building? This means that you are never actually outside..

  • 12
    Again! ^^

  • 13
    Who is Beat?

  • 14
    what is Dr. Wily's trademark move?

  • 15
    When did we see the charging Mega Buster for the first time?

  • 16
    And Rush?

  • 17
    Only one statement is false, pick the right one!

  • 18
    Which one is the hardest level among these four?

  • 19
    Odd one out?

  • 20
    And again..?

  • 21
    One more time, this time it's a little harder!

  • 22
    Time Stopper, where did you get it from?

  • 23
    Which of these fiery robot Masters is the youngest?

  • 24
    Again! this time I'll use water..

  • 25
    You're doing great! Bonus question for you! Megaman's color?

  • 26
    And his nickname? If you failed to answer the previous answer correctly, now is your chance! XD

  • 27
    Who created Megaman?

  • 28
    In Ringman's stage you have to face multiple sub-bosses! pick the right one you can find in that exact stage!

  • 29
    Who is the shortest Robot Master? :D

  • 30
    Last question!! Use this weapon and destroy all enemies in your screen.. Which one is it?