• Hi! And welcome to my Mel Brooks Quote Test. I'll be using the tried and true method of having spent over five bajillion hours of watching MEl Brooks Movies (not Mel Gibson thats some other dam test) to see if you can name the movie from which the quote is derived. Lets see how you do.
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  • 2
    You put an Abnormal brain in 7 foot long, 54 INCH, GORILLA?!?!

  • 3
    Oh shit there goes the Planet.

  • 4
    Which movie was that first had this line: "Its good to be the king."?

  • 5
    Which movie was that second had this line: "Its good to be the king."?

  • 6
    What in the wide, wide world of sports is a goin'on here?

  • 7
    What Knockers!

  • 8
    Not another Enema!

  • 9
    The Servant waits while the Master Baits.

  • 10
    Moichandising! Moichandising! Where the Real money from the movies is made!

  • 11
    its Spring tiem For hitler And germany