• NOTE FROM the one who put this test in OkCupid: Due to emails received, I'm forced to place this note. Please take into consideration the fact that this test is NOT created by me. It is not formulated by me. I merely copied it from a book. The book will be mentioned in your results, whatever results you get. I've copied the test exactly as it is in the book, except for a few superficial changes, like reference to the book. So please stop emailing me, criticizing the test that it's not good enough. Go read the book and you'll understand more about the test. Your cooperation is truly appreciated. Thank you very much!

    How do you rate with women in the attraction stakes? Do women find you compulsive - or repulsive? Compelling or repellent? Take this test now to find out exactly how you rate with women. At the end of this test, a book and one of its chapters will be mentioned. In that chapter, you'll discover the secrets about what women really look for in a man. This test is based on the physical and non-physical points you score each time a woman meets you and will tell you how well you fare. Once you've done this test, ask a few of your female friends to rate you on the questions (log out from OkCupid so that they do not overwrite your original result), and discover how your results compare.

    GIRLS AND WOMEN: You can also take this test to evaluate your current partner, or to know how you picture your ideal partner to be. However, if you are evaluating your current partner, DO NOT bring up the results for discussion with him, or during any argument, especially if they turn out to be bad. And if you're basing the answers on your ideal partner, you must keep in mind that it's close to impossible to find a person who perfectly matches the description of your ideal partner.

    Please do not skip any question. Choose the best answer. This is because skipping may wreck the total overall score, even though you may have scored high in the questions you answered. A skipped question will assume the lowest score.