• The mentally ill are all around you. In fact, you may be mentally ill and not know it. This test attempts to measure your attitudes about mental illness.

    The questions and answers in this test were developed from a variety of sources. They represent contemporary knowledge of brain dysfunctions and personality disorders and incorporate the experience of the mentally ill and those who live with them every day.

  • Don't expect to derive a diagnosis from this test. The author is not a psychiatrist or a psychologist. If you feel that you might suffer from a brain or mental disorder, please seek professional help. Your life is worth conserving.

    NOTE: Diagnostic criteria used in this test are based on U.S. psychiatric standards, especially the DSM-IV. European/WHO standards may vary slightly.

    The author of this quiz suffers from bipolar disorder. One in every fifty Americans suffers from this same disease. Maybe you or someone you care about is one of them.