• The Great and Powerful MightyGodKing was trolling Craigslist "for lols" and came across a personal ad for a girl who claimed she was "nerdy" for watching "Desperate Housewives."


    My god, people, have we allowed “nerdy” to be defined down so greatly that watching Desperate Housewives - a top 20 Neilsen primetime soap opera with no actual nerd content per se - qualifies as “nerdy” now? That is just wrong. The nerdular act cannot be allowed to be so mainstream. At this rate, in five years’ time anything that is not going out, getting wasted and watching strippers and/or football will count as “nerdy.” The word will lose all meaning! This cannot be borne!


    MGK then set his mighty intellect to the task of creating a guide to allow us, the weary, wandering children of the Interwebs, to determine if we and our interests were truly, honestly nerdy, and just how nerdy we are. As his humble servant, I have quizzified the results for your quantified consumptions, and added a few scales from other reader's comments and my own musings.


    So...how Nerdy are you, in all the things you do?


    (Credit and partial credits in parentheses)