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    For the uninitiated:

    "Patton utilizes a wide variety of vocal styles and techniques, and so his performances can (and often do) include airy falsetto passages, Sinatra-esque lounge crooning, death metal grunts, Medieval-style chanting, an abrasive take on scat singing featuring various shrieks, screeches, and the occasional jostling of his Adam's apple while singing, as well as a variety of authentic-sounding vocal emulations of things such as flowing water, a train, or a computer voice. This diversity has earned him the respect of numerous critics and fans, who consider him one of the most talented vocalists in recorded music."

    Outrageous Mike Patton Moments

    During the 1992 Angel Dust tour with Guns N' Roses: At one show in Lisbon, Faith No More invited the audience to throw garbage on stage. Patton then rummaged around and ate some of the trash.

    At another show in South America, the crowd was throwing empty plastic water bottles at the band. Someone threw a bottle on-stage that had urine in it. Mike Patton opened the bottle and poured the contents over his head, plunging the entire audience into shocked silence. Faith No More bandmates Roddy Bottum and Billy Gould have stated that this was their favorite concert.

    Patton defecated in an orange juice carton and then sealed it and returned it to Axl Rose's tourbus vending machine.

    At a 1995 concert in Chile, the excited crowd began to spit on Faith No More. Patton encouraged this and even invited people to spit in his open mouth while singing.

    During a European tour, Patton defecated on a park bench in front of Kensington Palace.

    During a 1991 FNM concert in Denmark, Patton told the audience that tour-mates, Lenny Kravitz and Sinéad O'Connor were copulating in the hospitality tent. Kravitz looked on in horror.

    Patton became notorious for talking about his sexual habits in the press. He was also photographed wearing a t-shirt bearing the image of a man engaging in glory hole fellatio and masturbation with the slogan "Girls are OK--but they're not the real thing."

    During a Faith No More concert, Patton took off his boot, urinated in it, and then drank it.

    Patton regularly did flips while singing on stage. He often landed on his back, but would get right up and continue singing without interruption.

    In front of a crowd of roughly 58,000, (while with Faith No More) at the 1993 Phoenix Festival in Stratford upon Avon, Patton urinated all over the security staff at the front of the stage during the encore performance of EPIC.

    In 2002, this time fronting Tomahawk at the London Astoria, he again exposed himself and urinated on a group of photographers. Officials at the venue were horrified, but Patton claimed after the show that it was merely a squirting dildo he'd shoved in his pants before going on-stage. The admission seemed to satisfy the press. However, in a recent interview, Patton was asked if it was real or not and was quoted as saying, "There's a dick. There's piss. You do the math."

    In 2006 during an interview with G4/Tech TV, a Wolfmother song started blaring in the background. He stopped what he was saying mid-sentence and burst out with "Are you hearing this shit?", and then proceeded to say "What year is it?! Forgive me, but Wolfmother... you SUCK!".

    Patton Trivia

    Patton claimed to be an obsessive fan of crooked televangelist Robert Tilton

    Patton's right hand is permanently numb from an on-stage accident during his third concert with Faith No More, where he unintentionally cut himself on a broken bottle and severed the tendons and nerves in his hand. He can use his hand, but he has no feeling in it (much to the surprise of both Patton and his doctor, who told him the exact opposite would happen).

    Patton was not classically trained and neither reads nor writes music in the traditional sense. Instead, he composes in his home studio and on his computer.

    The recent General Patton Vs. the X-ecutioners was completely arranged and mixed by Patton on his home computer.

    Patton was recently one of two guest soloists at an Italian opera

    Patton used to collect S&M masks.

    Patton is an avid reader and is quoted as saying, "I read a bit of everything." Phrases from some of his favorite books have appeared in his songs.

    Patton married an Italian artist in 1994. They were separated in 2001. During a recent appearance on the radio show, LOVELINE, Patton said that it was a case of two people wanting different things and hinted that his excessive work habits may have been a factor. "It's very hard. It's a daily struggle," he commented in regards to the rigors of juggling a busy music career and a marriage. "It had to happen... Even though we knew each other really well when we got married, it doesn't get easier." He later added, "We're trying this. See what happens. There's still hope."

    Patton used to own a home in Italy (which he sold about 5 years ago around the time of the break-up), and speaks fluent Italian.

    -From Wikipedia.com