• Founded in the early 19th century, Miskatonic University has a lengthly legacy of premiere education, and an outstanding record as an institution of learning for the social arts and sciences.

    So you want to go to Miskatonic? Well, you may think you do, but a few minutes of your time will quickly help you decide if our academic institution is a good fit for you. Please note your score when sending in your personal essay and required fees. This test will track four central variables in your knowledge.


    Odd tidbits and stories, often wrong, handed down through word of mouth. On occasion however, a link to the truth, or a glimmer of the truth holds out, despite the potential for it to be horribly botched over time. Many superstitions are confused with paranormal facts, particularly in today’s mass media influenced culture. If you find this area your strongest score, with a weakness in the other areas, you might want to take some basic mythology/anthropology classes before moving into the curriculum at Miskatonic, which will assume a broad base in these fields.

    Paranormal Fact

    These are facts that are scientifically sound and tested, yet seem beyond the understanding or acceptance of most people’s views of the world. A strong aptitude in this area is desirable, but not a requisite. Paranormal Fact can always be learned, but is sometimes difficult to discern from Superstition by the unrefined.

    Myth and Legend

    Humanity has recoded many major and minor events that have affected it’s course throughout the ages. Some of these “stories” have developed into religions. Others are incredible claims about real people. In certain cases, there is a difficult line of distinction one must make between praise and myth, or horror and downfall. In many cases, Legends and Myths move in cycles, one culture taking parts and re-inventing the myth for themselves in a new context, with the same basic premise. Though not wholly dependent on Paranormal Fact or Superstition, these two items are inexorably linked with Myth and Legend, which is often where the digging starts.

    Elder Lore

    These are myths, legends, histories and artifice which humanity has buried. Either by design or by accident, much has been occluded by time in our species’ history. It is the central mission for all staff of MU, and should be one of the central goals of all hopeful students to expand and expound upon the limited pool of knowledge in these areas, and to pioneer new discoveries in the mysteries of yesterday. This test may seem lengthy, but endurance and persevereance offer great rewards.