• Everyone is told as they are growing up,  "If you work really hard apply yourself and study, you could one day become president"

    Well just like apples, Some are better than others.

     Most of us never really understand what "money doing work" is, but everyone has probably heard the term " Let your money work for you" or "Put your money to work for you".

    What does this mean? What is Money, where does it come from and  who makes it.  Why cant you or I do that?

    All good questions,  what is money really?

    Why are things the way they are and is the system as it currently is even fair and does it work as well as it should?

    We will ask you some of these questions, this will help you better understand money and at the very end we will also give you a link to the correct answers. You can also contact me and i will point you to some video's you can watch and additional reading material to really get you clued in to what is really going on. I will list a few questions you might want to continue asking and search for the answers yourself. Some of this test is going to seem crazy, Trust me when i say it is a crazy world we live in and the use of the Matrix "red pill vs blue pill" as you will see is very appropriate.

    Enjoy, please leave me and feedback, both positive and negative. I will work to fold these into the test as time goes on and make corrections as errors are pointed out.