• No this test is not about the game Monopoly, but another mono/polyamory test.


    (Note, this test is written with the Beta site of the quiz editor and some of the picture links are broken, but it is a bug in the quiz-script that i can't fix myself unfortunately.)


    This one attempts to give you a little more awareness of what polyamory is vs polygamy, hopefully take away a few unjustified fears most people have about polyamory in common and supplies more understanding for people who are poly-minded.


    In this test, your family life is incorporated next to questions about your personal relationship and lifestyle as they are considered to be the base of who you are today. Yet the impact of the past is not as large as how you can influence your life today.


    This test is just for fun regardless if you feel the results do or do not apply to you. Use your common sense above all.


    Sexuality (gender and quantity preferences) and love life-styles are stages in life that are bound to change from time to time: What you are today can be different tomorrow. Accept this and accept this from others, if they do the same towards you and others, life won't be as hard as you might fear it is and it will certainly make your love-life a lot easier to bare.