• Photo of the emo band Still Life.  Check them out if you haven't already!

  • Welcome to the (Mostly) Extensive Music Knowledge Test!

    This test will measure your music knowledge in four basic music genres: Pop, Alternative, Metal/Hardcore, and Rap.  As much as it pained me to do it, I had to leave out or consolidate the more niche genres (trance, country, jazz, punk, etc.) in order to make the test more concise and to appeal to the majority of test-takers.  That also means that classic rock is under-represented here.  Sorry guys.

    If you're feeling like getting stereotyped into a music genre such as Pop Diva or Grunge Rocker, or you're feeling lucky enough to earn the titles of Eclectic One, Well-Traveled, or even Virtuoso, you're in the right place.  Hell, you might even be happy with a subgenre like Rock Star or Stage Dancer.  Who knows?

    Please note, this is my first test, and as such, I plan on writing another one of these, much longer and more thorough, at a later point, so please, give me feedback via ratings and messaging.  Let me know what genre I should add, if any, and if you feel the questions are too easy or difficult for what I've rated them.

    The test will go as follows: you will see five sections of questions: Easy, Medium, Hard, Impossible, and Bonus.  Questions will be weighted more or less based on difficulty.  You will get an equal number of questions for each genre, though they will be shuffled in each section.

    Easy questions should be answerable by anyone who's aware of the music genre in question.  Medium questions require you know something about the band, be it members or history.  Hard questions require deep knowledge of the genre in its entirety.  Impossible questions will require almost encyclopedic knowledge of the subject matter.  Bonus questions?  Well, they're a grab-bag, but hopefully nothing too difficult.  Also, there's no penalty for wrong answers, so if you have to, guess.  Oh, and if you start getting questions very terribly wrong, your humor rating will increase too.

    Are you ready?