The "Moustache Ride Persona And Know-How Test"

  • Hi! And welcome to my "Moustache Ride Persona And Know-How Test?" formerly know to very few as  "The Cunning Cunnilingus Test". You don't actually have to have a moustache to take this test. I'll be using advanced logic, past-personal experiences and common clitoral and moustache knowledge to determine your true pussy-eating nature. Hopefully by the end of it, you will not only know where you stand orally, but also learn some new skills (I hope!)! This test is written in a manner that assumes you have, at some point in your life, performed oral sex on a female. For those of you who haven't, sorry you're missing out! In my defense I say that I know all girls are built differently and have different preferences, and I took those factors into consideration while writing this test. It's just a generalization. You might learn a little something, too! And answer honestly, dammit! Don't waste my hard-spent time lying just to get chicks to dig you! That's the exact attitude that I'm trying to fix here! I appreciate feedback! Thanks for your time!