• Bonjour, scumbag. This test is going to determine your puny knowledge of the great films that I sit on my ass and watch day to day. If your score comes out shitty, then you suck and you need to get better taste in movies. If it comes out well, then congrats. No more words. Go along now.
  • 1
    Okay, this simple. Just merely click on the proper match of the quote to the correct movie it is derived from. "Now look, maybe your method of massage differs from mine, but, you know, touchin' his wife's feet, and stickin' your tongue in her Holiest of Holies, ain't the same fuckin' ballpark, it ain't the same league, it ain't even the same fuckin' sport. Look, foot massages don't mean shit."

  • 2
    "Mrs. Robinson, you're trying to seduce me."

  • 3
    "All right, we'll give some land to the niggers and the chinks, but we DON'T want the Irish!"

  • 4
    "Well, they're going to be looking at us like that, aren't they, Eh? I mean, what if next Friday 400 women turn 'round and say 'He's too fat, he's too old and he's a pigeon-chested little tosser?' What happens then, eh?"

  • 5
    "So I waited and, O my brothers, I got a lot better munching away at eggiwegs, and lomticks of toast and lovely steakiwegs and then, one day, they said I was going to have a very special visitor."

  • 6
    "First of all, Papa Smurf didn't create Smurfette. Gargamel did. She was sent in as Gargamel's evil spy with the intention of destroying the Smurf village. But the overwhelming goodness of the Smurf way of life transformed her. And as for the whole gang-bang scenario, well, it just couldn't happen. Smurfs are asexual. They don't even have reproductive organs under those tiny, white pants. It's just so illogical, about being a Smurf, you know? I mean, what's the point of living if you don't have a dick?"

  • 7
    "I'm the Dude. So that's what you call me. You know, that or, uh, His Dudeness, or Duder, or El Duderino if you're not into the whole brevity thing."

  • 8
    "Did you ever find Bugs Bunny attractive when he put on a dress and played girl bunny?"

  • 9
    "I am a scientist, not a philosopher! You have more chance of reanimating this scalpel than you have of mending a broken nervous system! My grandfather's work was doodoo! I am not interested in death! The only thing that concerns me is the preservation of life!"

  • 10
    "I knew a guy who was dyslexic. He was also cross-eyed. So everything came out right."

  • 11
    "Supposedly Cousteau and his cronies invented the idea of putting walkie-talkies into the helmet. But we made ours with a special rabbit ear on the top so we could pipe in some music."

  • 12
    "Look at me, jerking off in the shower. This will be the high point of my day.. it's all downhill from here."

  • 13
    "I wouldn't dare go to sleep with you wandering around with a head full of acid, wanting to slice me up with that goddamn knife."