• Hi! And welcome to my movies vs. reality Test. Movies can entertain. They can move you emotionally. They can make you think. They can make your skin crawl.

    My favorite movies do one, some, or all of those things to me. Why? Because for some reason they hit home . This could be in my outside reality or my inner universe.

    I am listing 50 of such favorites. You will be asked to simply check yes, no, or "have not seen it" to each one.

    What I want to know for each........did it hit home for you too? Did you feel it in your heart? your mind? your soul? your gut? Did it make you think? feel? dream? remember? feel sick?

    If it did any of those things, you would obviosly pick yes. If it didn't, or you didn't like it..choose No.

    This quiz measures your symbiosis with the silver screen.

    "Inside this room, all of my dreams become realities, and some of my realities become dreams." ----Willy Wonka