• Hi! And welcome to my Music and Poetry Test. No reason i just wanted to accrue some points and kill sometime.
  • 1
    If I were to bring IT what would IT be?

  • 2
    Which of the following Interpol songs is your favorite?

  • 3
    Edgar Allen Poe? Misunderstood? Great? First Emo?

  • 4
    Van Gogh was. . .

  • 5
    Paint It Black

  • 6
    The Doors best Album is

  • 7
    Without Edgar Allen Poe there would be no crime novels?

  • 8
    I Hate Myself And Want To Die

  • 9
    Wish You Were is the Best Song by

  • 10
    If applicable your favorite Edgar Alle Poe poem is. . .

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