• *Note: this test is directed toward people who are passionate about listening to music, and the opinions thereof* Okay, so we could all argue about why our tastes in music are superior. However, you're much more likely to be given any credit if you have demonstrated that you know your stuff and don't listen to poppy crap. Make no mistake, anyone who says such tripe as "Well, I like all kinds of music" and "I can appreciate anything" and other such BS will not welcomed here. Oh, and this test is slightly biased toward rock music. One of two variables will be measured for each question: awareness and my rather learned albeit subjective opinion of your taste. So go ahead. Show me that your tastes are worth a damn.

    [shamless plug] By the way, that's my hands on my guitar you see below. I've got this fantastic rock/metal band called Obfuscate. Our second demo is currently in progress. We rock out. Thank you. [/shameless plug]