• What kinds of music are there, who plays them, what instruments do they use, where did they come from and how did they combine to form new kinds of music? And where did some of these things get their names from, anyway? If you have eclectic musical tastes, like to read the liner notes on CDs, and think the history of music is fascinating, this may be the test for you. Don't expect questions about specific bands or songs or stars, or marketing, sales, technology, and the rest of the music business. This test isn't about pop culture or the business of music - it is about the music itself. There are a few questions about specific artists, but mainly only if they were influential in the development of new kinds of music. This test also doesn't dwell on classical music. That could be a whole other test. This is a hard test. 50% is a reasonably good score. Anyone who scores 100% probably knows a lot more about music than I do! People with about the same level of music knowledge as I, would probably get about 80%. [You can get most of the answers out of google pretty easily, but that's cheating, so why bother?]

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