• I enjoy studying the way people act and respond to different stimuli in sex. I especially enjoy learning people's fetishes and why they have them. This test measures different actions you can perform during sex and asks you to rate how much you would enjoy each item. In the end, I will tally your points and list some new fetishes you may with to try within your category of interest. You will also see other lists of fetishes you may be interested in the other categories as well.

    If you don't see anything you like, or just want to find some random fetish you may be interested in, or don't understand what something is on the test, go to http://fetish-encyclopedia.com to see if what I have on the website could help you. I developed that website to enlighten people about different fetishes. Click the "Get lucky" button for a random fetish as well.

    NOTE: A lot of this test is 'dark' in taste. Please note that the way I scale most of the test is by the following chart. I don't even have all of the fetishes listed on this test and some of them would qualify you as unstable.

    Most people who usually define themselves as very kinky will fall into the light or medium categories.

    Light fetishist - No pain to considerable pain, but not agony and focused on other alternative modes of pleasure. (Such as a costume fetish or BDSM.) I'm quite a freak, but I still fall into this category because I'm using my standard as the basics of kinkiness.)

    Medium fetishist - You enjoy some pain and would do most wild things aside from killing yourself including severe agony to the point of almost unbearable.

    Dark fetishist - You enjoy anything that will even risk your life or for sure kill you. (Such as Snuff.)

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