• Ever wonder if there was one perfect word to describe your soul? This test is based around a mathematical pattern, and if it works the right way, it should give you either (1) a word to accurately describe your true nature, or (2) a word that you feel a certain resonance with. The ideal result will be a "soul word" that really hits the nail on the head. Something so totally "you" that it could be used in the title of your autobiography. I'm not sure how accurate this test is going to be, but hopefully it will at least give you a word you like, whether it's a long-time favorite word of yours or a new word that you end up liking in the future. You might even want to take the test a few different times, in different moods / states of mind, because there are a lot of possible results and even answering two or three questions differently will probably give you a new word. And as you refine your answers, maybe the newer words will be more accurate than the current word. Worst comes to worst, you might at least find a cool adjective to put in your OKCupid headline.





    Read Or Skip


    OK Cupid apparently sucks now. Back in the day when I used to make tests on this site, they'd only take a few hours. Now with this new bullshit HQ thing they're using, tests take ten times longer to make because the testmaker keeps freezing up with error messages and half the time it won't even save successfully. And it's not my computer that's malfunctioning. I wrote this test on two different computers in two different states and in both cases there were around a hundred "Foobar! Fail Saved!" messages in any given hour. (Foobar is misspelled, by the way, because it stands for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition ... proof of further idiocy on somebody's part). No wonder the newer tests are getting shorter and shorter -- people aren't able to make long tests anymore because with all the error messages, a long test would take a century to write.


     To whoever's been put in charge down there recently : You're a bunch of myopic imbeciles and you have no idea how to run this site. Your changes are all aggravating and wasteful, your comments aren't half as funny as you'd like to think, and every time this HQ text box scrolls back to the top while I'm in the middle of typing, I find myself wishing serious injury on you. If the idiocy down there continues, this site is eventually headed for a major reduction in active members. People will only put up with so much