• Nations Game

  • In the (due to this test) immortal words of Laus Deo and Landshark:

    Laus: "Some people make very great "good guys" while others make better "villians." We all have our preferences on what we like and excel at. That is why perhaps just because a nation is open and its #1 on your list perhaps you'd be a better fit at your #3 pick. I like playing the villians in game, not that anyone probably noticed."

    Landy: "Wait, wait.... Laus enjoys being evil? Why didn't I get the memo??? But yeah -- we should really look at people's strengths and weaknesses ... maybe have a bit more of a 'personality test' of sorts to try and figure out a person's strengths and where they'd fit."

    "Of sorts"? Now where's the fun in that? Here's the brand new and (in my opinion) mandatory personality test for new players to take upon joining the game.

    Arrived here directly from OKCupid and haven't a clue what this is about? Well, Nations is a forum based geopolitical simulator where players take the position of the leader of a country and roleplay that character. Although allowing participants to engage in military confrontation and operations, Nations focuses primarily on diplomacy, with the United Nations responsible for a growing number of the actions conducted throughout the game. Leaders are able to conference and discuss matters pertaining to domestic or international affairs. Participants shall also be responsible for their nations Economy and internal issues.

    If you like the sound of this, go to  and sign up for your nation! We're a pretty close community, but we're always on the look out for new talent and love to see new members taking up the game. (If you can't find the Nation Request topic, then sign up here.)