• Welcome to the Nazi Test, a quiz designed to determine how compatible your political beliefs are with that of early 20th century National Socialism. There are a number of other quizzes on this website that seek to determine whether or not you would have supported National Socialism, yet many of them are extremely biased and do not present an accurate view of Nazism. As such, this test endeavours to succeed where they have failed by testing you on three seperate variables, allowing for a wider variety of results that more accurately represent the viewpoints of the average German Nazi supporter.


    In order to test you fairly, this quiz offers a series of 48 questions, all of which must be answered in a True or False style. Abstaining from any questions will impact your result. I would also like to note that, by modern standards, I am far from a critic of National Socialism and view the ideology in a balanced way. It is also worth noting that the button text uses humorous references in some instances and do not reflect the nature of this test. Additionally, the results of this quiz contain does not contain imagery at the end to avoid offending people and to allow as many people as possible to access this content in their home nation.