• Hello, and welcome to the Networking Fundamentals Test.

    This will test your knowledge of computer networking. If you are a networker by trade or hobby, you will likely find this test very easy. If you know nothing about networking, you will likely find this test impossible.

    Bear in mind that this test is about COMPUTER NETWORKS, that is, the art and science of connecting computers together to talk to each other. NOT social networking or any other kind of networking! I just wanted to make that clear from the start :).

    This test will consist of 60 questions. There are 6 pages, with 10 questions per page. Each page has a theme:

    Page 1: General networking questions
    Page 2: IP and subnetting
    Page 3: Topologies and media
    Page 4: OSI stack and protocols
    Page 5: Network Hardware
    Page 6: Random questions

    Scoring is simple. Most questions have 4 possible answers - 3 of these are worth 0, the correct one is worth 1. So the worst you can score is 0, and the highest, 60 - 100%.

    So... Ready, set, GO!