• Sometimes you think you have an entirely unique quirk and then you hear someone else confess the self same thing. And you can't help but exclaim: "No kidding! Me too!"

    It's an interesting feeling. It always has a sense of discovery to it.

    So this test measures how often this exciting thing might happen to us, you and me.

    Far be it from me to claim that this is in any way meaningful. Is this a good compatibility measurement that we both dislike the same day of the week? Does it matter if we can't stand the same kind of drink? It's just for fun. Alternatively, it can be taken as "trivia about me" test but seriously, you don't care so much, do you. To make up for the pointlessness of this test I illustrated it prettily. Sort of.

    Normally I wouldn't even write a test with only one variable but sometimes you just get an idea and want to follow through, for no particular reason. You do? No kidding, me too.

    * Technically, sometimes it's a "No kidding! Me neither!" test.

    ** Goes without saying that all the art is copyrighted by me. But here I say it anyway.