• This is Pan, one of my mythological ancestors.

    Some say he is still around. Wandering in the forests, in the hidden corners of the streets at nights, everywhere where lovers make love...

    He is the wild, animalistic side of male sexuality. Also a good symbol for the test. As it is pretty unorthodox.

  • I should say that this test is ABSOLUTELY NOT for CONSERVATIVES, NOT for RELIGIOUS people, NOT for anyone under 18, NOT for anyone who believes the necessity of CENSORSHIP.

    Themes are strong, provocative, pornographic, sometimes extreme. Considering the fact that i like to talk dirty during sex and yet this test is about sex, when language combined with imagination, it can be pretty "out of order" for some.

    This test is NOT about morality, neither ethics. So don`t get too excited to send me hate messages as its up to your free will to take the test or not, I am not forcing it down to your throat :)

    ABOUT THE TEST: To make it short, i will try to figure out with you, how much do we have in common and finally how compatible you are with me of course.

    Also it will be about how open minded/curious you are. It`s important for me that you are open minded and ready to explore. More important than having a high match percentage with someone who is not creative. Therefore it doesn`t mean that every question i ask comes from my life pratic -i may be sexually attracted to some things mentioned in this test or i may not-

    To make the test more daring, i asked manipulative questions to see your boundaries, do not get owned by them. They meant to test your limits not to inflict revolting effects. I also added some notes and pictures making things more colorful...

    In the end I believe I am brave enough to open my mind to you... ...And i hope you are also brave enough to answer the questions honestly. It is just fair enough i think. Good luck.