• The Polymorphic Perversity Test is a non-clinical analysis of body-mind dichotomy. Perhaps you'll learn something from it, and perhaps you already have all the answers.

    Hey, Aro- What's Polymorphic Perversity?
    Freud theorized that humans are born with unfocused sexual libidinal drives, deriving sexual pleasure from any part of the body. The objects and modes of sexual satisfaction are multifarious, directed at every object that might provide pleasure. Polymorphous perverse sexuality continues from infancy through about age five, progressing through three distinct developmental stages: the oral stage, anal stage, and phallic stage. Only in subsequent developmental stages do children learn to constrain sexual drives to socially accepted norms, culminating in adult heterosexual behavior focused on the genitals and reproduction. (excerpted from Wiki)

    I mean this: sex, at least potentially, is a revolutionary act, regardless of the sensory terminals, the mechanics, or the number of persons taking part. From my point of view, the phenomenological details are far less meaningful than the total effect upon consciousness, and in particular, the dissolution of the mind-body barrier.

    Hey, Aro! Skip the lecture. Can we have sex now?
    What I am mainly concerned with is the movement of energy involved - how, and to what degree, these whirling fields of energy dynamically affect the whole field of consciousness - both personal and interpersonal.

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