• Hi! And welcome to my Non-Fluffy Personality Test. It measures four variables and puts you into one of sixteen categories - kind of like the Myers-Briggs, except this one is unscientific and three of the four factors are different. You will be measured on whether you are a manipulator or the manipulated; cold and logical or overemotional; violent or a pacifist; and self-absorbed or self-hating. Middle ground? No. That would be boring, and create too many categories.

    The personality descriptions aren't very nice. If you want to read about why your personality type is the best ever, take a different test. This is only meant for entertainment and has no basis in anything except common sense taken to its illogical extremes.

    I actually made up a shorter version of this to categorize some characters in a story I wrote, and then realized that with some expansions, it would work for real people, too. So here goes, and enjoy.

    Note: Skipping questions may cause you to get an inaccurate score. Please answer all the questions; if no answer fits well, pick the one that's least unlike you.