• Hi! And welcome to my Nonrepresentational Aesthetics Test. I'll be using examples of nonrepresentational art (created by me) to determine your personal visual aesthetic with out all those petty concerns (familiarity, morallity, understanding, etc...) raised by pictures that actually depict some sort of reality. There are no right or wrong answers. Though, the results might have personality implications that are reflected in your visual tastes (or vice versa) so answer them honestly with the consideration you would give to anything of this level of importance... whatever that level of importance is. Here is a picture of the author/artist for the sake of vanity. (all images copyright me, 1998-2006)

    When you're done with this test, try my new test, The Lifestyles of Silly Persons Test. It's very different; very silly, is mostly textual, and you get to to be a cowpoke,ninja, or pirate. How's doesn't that sound like fun?
  • Have fun, or whatever your preferred mental state is.