The Non-Technical Philosophy Questions Philosophy Test!

  • Welcome to a different kind of philosophy test.  Whether you're an avid consumer of the latest philosophy journals, or you prefer books with lots of pictures and few words, this test will pair you with what philosopher you are.


    Don't think it's important to know what philosopher you are?  Well, what if someone says, "You remind me of Harmodious, the ancient Greek philosopher!"  You might think, "Oh, cool, he thinks I'm smart!"  But little do you know that Harmodious was a pederast.


    Find your inner philosopher so you can have a witty comeback every time someone tells you you're just like Crito.


    Keep in mind that some questions may seem to have an obvious impact one way or another; but much thought has been put into the answers and they do not always lead to the expected outcome.  Try to answer honestly, and not how you want to be perceived.