• Elow! And welcome to my Nursing Pharmacology Test. I'll be asking basic questions about drugs! Let's test your knowledge about the indication, action or nursing management of the different drugs we have studied in college or we might encounter in our field! If you're bored, or you think your knowledge about drugs is getting rusty or if you're planning to take the local or foreign board exams, then take my test and let's see what you've got!
  • 1
    (MS) What is the drug of choice for Lead Poisoning or Plumbism?

  • 2
    (MS) Which vital sign should you closely monitor when giving opioid analgesics like morphine?

  • 3
    (MS) What is the antidote for opioid analgesic toxicity?

  • 4
    (MS) Which drug is irrelevant in a patient with Hyperkalemia?

  • 5
    (MS) In Cushing's Disease, which diuretic is used?