• This is the test everyone pretty much feels obligated to make at some point or another in their stay here at OKcupid, or so it seems to me. Having the urge to make one of these for no real reason but being too lazy to work on my drug licensing test, I decided to make a test so that anyone who is, gods forbid, interested in me can find out first-hand whether or not they really want to associate with me in any way. The four variables cover the various important aspects of my life; if I get this right, your rating thereof is how similar we are in that respect and/or how well you'll be able to put up with my intense drives in all four areas. Good luck, I suppose.

    NOTE: This is my first test. As such it's incredibly raw, uncouth, and probably oozing or bleeding in some places. If you have suggestions, drop me a line and tell me about it. I'll come back to this later and try to make it suck less as much as possible, as well as adding new questions and maybe new categories. Another toy for the intensely bored I suppose.