• How pure are you?
    A purity test for all you oboe fantatics out there. This test is not for the weak; there are 351 oboe-related questions. But its well worth it.
    Some questions are serious, but not all of them. Although this test was designed for oboists, people who play other instruments are more than welcome to take it to see if they behave like oboists. (Due to the nature of this test, Bassoon and Clarinet players (in that order)would probably do better than other non-oboe test-takers)

    Disclaimer: * This test does not measure your abilities as an oboist, it simply measures your experiance, attitudes and behaviors.
    * When taking this test, please DO NOT skip questions that do not apply to you because it will mess up the scoring. Instead, just click the "no" option.

    Scoring- This is set up like a traditional purity test. Each no ansewer yeilds one oboe purity point, and each yes answer will yeild zero points. no question is worth more point than another.
    Once you finish the test, you will find out which of the 5 levels of oboe purity you fit into the best.

    Thank you, and enjoy the oboe purity test...
    your score awaits you