• Have you ever struck up a conversation with someone and offhandedly mentioned Hawking radiation, or the mating habits of deep-sea Anglerfish, or Eccentrica Gallumbits, or the social-insect theory of Smurf taxonomy, and not only did the other person's eyes not glaze over but they actually knew what you were talking about and could converse with you about it? Suddenly you didn't feel like such a nerd; you had discovered a fellow connoisseur of obscure knowledge. That strange area of trivia you knew so well was suddenly important to someone other than you. Didn't it feel great? Huh? Well, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, you can stop right now; you just achieved the lowest possible score. But if you feel that excitement in your chest, that flash of recognition, and wonder if maybe, just maybe, you and I have a few overlapping areas of esotery, then proceed. This is as much a trivia test as it is a compatibility test. Those with a perfect score (without cheating) win... hm, a coffee date with me? Those who are also able to correctly point out any trivia-flaws win a dinner date.

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