• 1
    In 1969 the rock music scene was shocked by an album that had as its cover a large red screaming face. The music was a style that was unheard of using a new instrument called a mellotron to go with the classic rock lineup. The band closed its concerts with a version of the classical piece "Mars, the God of War".

  • 2
    Name the Progressive Metal band that is best known for Rock Operas that is basically one man from Denmark, many friends guesting and numerous singers from different bands worldwide playing roles in the Opera.

  • 3
    This band recently reunited after over 30 years apart. Best known for long, thought provoking songs and a lineup of Singer, Drums, Keyboards and Saxophone. The Bass is done by the Keyboardist using Bass Pedals.

  • 4
    Name the guitarist who is best known for sitting on a stool during the shows his band does.

  • 5
    Name the lead singer for Spocks Beard who quit to go solo as a Christian Artist.

  • 6
    Which band began as "three little ladies from Japan" and is known for songs about ancient Egypt and sci-fi.

  • 7
    The band that is known as the father of Progressive Rock is:

  • 8
    The songwriter who penned the lyrics for such Progressive classics as Prince Rupert, In the Court of the Crimson King, Welcome back my friends and others is:

  • 9
    The Keyboardist who fronted the Nice before teaming with Greg Lake and Carl Palmer is:

  • 10
    The Progressive Metal band fronted by two Texas Ministers is:

  • 11
    Rick Wakeman left which band to join Yes:

  • 12
    Boz Burrell of Bad Company started his career as a roadie before learning the Bass from the bands guitarist. Which band is it?

  • 13
    The label based out of France best known for releasing Progressive classic albums is:

  • 14
    The group fronted by a classically trained cathedral organist is:

  • 15
    And finally, the German group that is an offshoot from an old hippie commune from the 1960's?