• Hello and welcome to my OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) test. If you have OCD i understand, if you dont then I ask that you please show respect to the serious disorder. Thou it may seem silly or unusual to you its not to the many people who suffer from it for years and sometimes for life.

        I have OCD, and have been very good at toning it down over the years. I was really OCD as a preteen, completely unable to lock door because of the large amount of time it would take to finally walk away from the door with out going back to check it again. Now the majority of my compulsions are in the past, thank god. I still cant lock a door easily, wear socks, or control the panic I feel if the few complusions i have can't be "fixed" by my rituals.

    Rituals are what people with OCD do to calm themselves or rid themselves of the images/ideas that are causing them the intese stress. It's just our way of having at least a little control of our fears.

  • 1

    What are the majority of your compulsions?

  • 2

    How many rituals do you have?

  • 3

    Do you plan on getting help medically? Or have you already?

  • 4

    What are some of your rituals?