The OFFICIAL Fitness Freak vs. Couch Potato Test

  • Hello! I would like to welcome you to The OFFICIAL Fitness Freak vs. Couch Potato Test. This test will determine whether you’re a Fitness Freak, a Couch Potato, or somewhere in the middle. The questions are divided into 4 categories: Eating habits, Exercise habits, Leisure habits, and Your body and its capabilities. Each answer is ranked between 1-3 on the “Phat” scale, 1-3 on the “Fat” scale scale or neither. If you score more Phat points, you are a Fitness Freak. If you score more Fat points, you are a Couch Potato. If you don’t score a significant amount of either type of points, then you’re a little bit of both. Sound simple enough? Click below to get started!